You said fast dont think you meant bubbles on a windy day.

You said fast dont think you meant bubbles on a windy day.

8 week online workshop
lesson 3
Focus modes

I shot the first one on 1/400
The second the same
The third one 1/160 and the forth the same.
I took the last two first and realised I needed a faster
Shutter speed if I wanted to see the bubbles . I used the
Al focus as you said and it seemed to work alot better
As all the photos I took without it were a bit rubbish.
If anything this challenge has helped me work out the shutter speeds.

IMG_1752 IMG_1732 IMG_1692

I am a mom of two boys. Oscar 4 and Thomas 7 months We've been back in Australia for 12 months before that England.


  1. Cool. Way to go Deb! You certainly challenged yourself with this one. And I’m glad that the shutter speed settings became clearer too. Each topic you cover it will get clearer and clearer. Well done with these.
    p.s. Love shooting bubble. Bubbles and kids is one of my favourite combinations!

  2. I like bubbles too. I was playing on my own though.

  3. I like these! Bubbles are great and I’ve always wanted to capture my daughter playing with them but struggled to get it right (especially if you are the one having to blow the bubbles, too – I just do not have enough coronation to do that and get the camera up quickly enough!) I have one of those bubble machines, you’v inspired me to get it out and have a play, Deb, thank you!

  4. They are lots of fun a word of warning don’t go to close to the bubble machine because the bubbles kept popping on my camera and me lol

  5. Ohhh I love bubbles!!! Love the first pic! You’ve inspired me too…I’ve just started the Focus activity and have a bubble machine too…plus 2 bubble blowers (my daughters), so will have to give it a whirl tomorrow. I wonder what shutter speed is best for capturing bubbles…Robyn, any tips?

  6. Bubbles are instant smile makers 🙂 I love the image taken looking up with the building in the background – it gives a great sense of floating.

  7. Sally, tips on getting good bubble shots: try to keep the background as simple as possible so the bubbles stand out. Often (but not always) best against a darker background. Keep your aperture at about medium (f8 or f11) because if you have too shallow a depth of field it will be hard to get the bubbles and the kids both sharp. Fast-ish shutter speed. And shoot lots! You’ll probably get lots of failures!

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