Working With Hard Light

Working With Hard Light

Moments That Matter: lesson 4: topic 1: hard light

Found the info here so helpful! Hadn’t realised some of it before, so was careful it what I was shooting.
Took these photos on our property at about 1pm on a slightly overcast day, sun kept peaking in and out.

image 1- iso 64 ap 3.26 shutter 1/110
Sebastian was happy to go for a walk with me, one of those shots that you know as you click are going to turn out well

image 2 – iso 64 ap 3.26 shutter 1/220
So funny, I asked him to crouch near the fireweed (for the colour) but he began pulling them out. “They are weeds!” He’s a child of the land
thanks to metering not too overexposed

image 3- iso 64 ap 3.26 shutter 1/125
On the dam wall. happy no shadows, no light. slightly annoyed by the grass stalk, slight distraction but pretty backdrop

image 4- iso 64 ap 3.26 shutter 1/125
Homeward bound, conqueror returns
fence line draws the eye, I’d crouched down low enough distraction on verandah weren’t visible
ideally tops of trees in pic would have been even better

hard-light-1 hard-light-2 hard-light-3 hard-light-4

By Erin
Erin, married to my Prince Charming, mum of 10, wannabe photographer. Living on a property on the North Coast of NSW.


  1. Nice work. The light was a little softened due to it being overcast so you avoided many of the problems – harsh shadows and bright highlights. You do get shadows in the eyes though because the light is directly overhead. These are much better than the last lot that were taken in harsh light so good job. Now you know what to look out for you’ll get better and better. Looking forward to seeing your results in soft light. You may find a whole new favourite way of shooting!
    I love what you did on that last image – thinking about possible distractions and crouching down to avoid them. You’re thinking like a photographer now!!!!

    • It’s interesting how I don’t notice details and then when you point them out I do! Can see the shadows now. Oh thanks!:) Not only improving but getting pickier and pickier.
      Was pretty excited with the last when I saw the fence line, took a shot, and then I thought about crouching down and took several more and saw the difference.

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