Working on composition

Working on composition

8 week online workshop
lesson 3

The first image is an example of a frame within a frame. The legs in the background are a distraction, but unfortunately at Nippers there are kids and parents everywhere so it’s hard to get a shot without some distractions. I like this shot as your eye is drawn through the hoop straight to my daughter’s face. ISO100, f/5.6, 1/1250.
The second image of my girls playing with the water fountain has the fountain starting at the bottom of the image and drawing your eye along the line to my daughters at the back. There is the distraction of the umbrella in the background…but I do like how the water in the foreground is in focus and my girls are blurred in the background. ISO100, f/6.3, 1/1000.
The third image is of my daughter, once again at Nippers…a great place to take pics, lining up ready to run for the flags. This image incorporates the use of a horizontal line and also the bright colours make the shot feel lively and represent how energetic and fun Nippers is. ISO100, f/5.6/1/1600, 2EV.
The last image was taken at Clareville and I think that it incorporates a couple of the elements we’ve looked at in this lesson. There’s the use of lines (horizontal – jetty, shoreline; vertical – boat masts) and there are a few triangular shapes (the sand meeting the water; the shoreline and the jetty, the headland on the right). ISO100, f/4.5, 1/1250, 1EV.

Maddie-frame Girls-water-fountain Nippers-line Clareville

I'm a Sydney mum to 2 gorgeous girls and am pregnant with my 3rd daughter, who will join us at the end of March. I'm keen to learn more about capturing the best shots of my children and am excited to be learning how to use my camera.


  1. Hi Sally, love the framing The hoop really does draw the eye to your daughter. The image with the fountain is good but my eye immediately goes to the bright umbrellas. If you take it again try having the girls right at the end of the water fountain and blocking the umbrellas. Funnily enough I have taken that exact shot 🙂
    The other two are lovely. The only thing I’d do is straighten the one of the girls. The slant on the beach might be exactly how it was in real life but I think the image would have more impact.

  2. Lovely image Sally. Vibrant colours, particularly the nippers ones. Do you do anything to protect your camera from the sand? I haven’t taken my SLR to the beach – too worried about getting sand in it.

    • Michelle I shoot at the beach all the time. You have to be careful but I have never yet done any damage to my camera with sand.

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