Wintry Lake

Wintry Lake

It was so cold today! I took pictures in each of the camera modes. This might be a silly question, but is there a way to tell which mode a photo was shot in when you review the photos (back in a nice warm house!)? – The close up photo of my son was in “Portrait” mode (shutter sp. 1/125 aperture 3.5 ISO 100). The photo of my son jumping was in “Sport” mode (shutter sp. 1/500 aperture 6.3 ISO 400). The close up of the reed was in “Close Up” mode (shutter sp. 1/500 aperture 5 ISO 160). I see how the Sport mode allowed a pretty clear photo of mid jump and I can see the close up of the reed has a shallow depth of field… (This feels like speaking a foreign language!)




By Geri
I'm mom to three sons and a daughter, ranging in age from elementary school to college! I'm also a teacher in a special needs preschool class at a Headstart program in New York, USA. I've always wanted to learn how to use the digital camera that was a gift to our family a number of years ago. I'm looking forward to its mysterious buttons and controls becoming less intimidating!


  1. I forgot to add this was for Lesson 1: Camera Basics.

  2. Also Robyn, is there any way to make it so the photos aren’t cut off when I upload them here? Thanks!

  3. Geri, great job with the camera settings. You’ve managed to get some great examples from all of those different modes. And it won’t seem like a foreign language for long 🙂
    To answer your first question (seeing which mode you are in when you upload your photos to the computer): it totally depends on which system you are using to upload and view your photos. Some do and some don’t. The info screen on the back of your camera does though, so if you can’t see them on the computer, you may need to jot them down from the camera before you delete them.
    Also I’ll have a play around with the format of the top photo. It’s hard because it has to be one size and people post both landscape and portrait (vertical and horizontal) formats so either way one will be cut off. The bottom photos are easier to fix and I’ll do that.

  4. It felt like a foreign language to me too at the beginning, but day by day it’s starting to make more and more sense. Nice pics….it looks so cold ….it’s summer here in Sydney and I’m trying to survive the humidity!! 😉

  5. Looks like you had lots of fun experimenting! Great choice of aperture for each image.

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