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lesson 1
back to basics

This was the shot I liked the best when experimenting with shutter speed. It captured the movement in the windmill and still allows the clouds to appear in the background. Slower shutter speed let in so much light that the clouds were not visible.


Mum to 2 little girls. Live & work on a cattle station in Queensland. Have only been 'on the land' for the past 5 years - before that I was a Marketing Manger for a regional airline, then I met a grazier, fell in love, and moved away from it all :)


  1. Nice work Sarah. You stopped the motion enough so it’s not just a blur of the windmill going around but there is a tiny bit of blur to indicate that it’s not actually still. I like the clouds too and I’m glad you were able to let them show. I guess they’re not rain clouds 🙂

  2. love windmills they remind me of home growing up, great shot

  3. Its a lovely picture its brilliant to see the country side of of Australia xx

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