Up Close

Up Close

Moments That Matter: lesson 3: topic 2: get closer and get on their level

The cropping guide was very helpful. So many areas to try to keep in mind now, rather like driving a manual.

Image 1 – Love this pic of Siena.
iso – 400 shutter – 1/13 ap – 3.26

image 2 – Saxon with cousin, really happy with this one
iso – 64 shutter – 1/170 ap – 3.26

image 3 – Sebastian, not quite so happy with this, had lots of trouble with lighting
iso – 64 shutter – 1/180 ap – 3.26

image 4 – Saxon with cousin, pleased with the crisp look
iso – 64 shutter – 1/180 ap – 3.26

close-1 close-2 close-3 close-4

By Erin
Erin, married to my Prince Charming, mum of 10, wannabe photographer. Living on a property on the North Coast of NSW.


  1. Hi Erin, the image of Siena is lovely. I’d have perhaps angled her head slightly or moved yourself just a tad to get the light more even. Her right eye is quite dark. And yes lots to remember each time you press that shutter. And the best news is that there’s a lot more to come 🙂
    I agree with image 3. That is really tough lighting to get right. It’s called hard light and you’ll soon be learning a lot more about it and how to deal with it. Great work with the composition tasks of getting closer and getting on their level.

    • Oh yes, to have had light on the second eye would have made all the difference.

  2. I love the composition of the first photo – extreme closeups speak much louder to me than wider shots. There is even the evidence of reflected light in the right eye. The left side looks a little over exposed – you could use bracketing and merge the photos for this in post production (photoshop). I would also have applied a narrower depth of field to make the hair and edge of the face out of focus to emphasise the eyes.

    • HI Rrizk, welcome:)
      I’m starting to get a feel for what style of photos appeal and extreme closeups are definitely on my list too:)

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