tommo and nanny

8 week online workshop
lesson 2
depth of field

I love depth of field it’s so lovely to see the subject stand out x


I am a mom of two boys. Oscar 4 and Thomas 7 months We've been back in Australia for 12 months before that England.


  1. Nice work Deb. Your exposure is great considering the background is so bright – well done.
    Be a little careful of tilting your photos. The angle of the roof makes it feel like they may fall over 🙂 That would be really easy to crop out and would make a much more balanced photo. Do you use any photo editing software? If so which one? I’m doing some tutorials at the moment on editing so i can make sure I cover cropping in the system you use.

  2. I don’t currently use any in particular I use the cropping on my phone or on the basic one on windows if my computer feels like working.

    • We’ll get into some basic editing soon and I’ll make some recommendations about systems you can try (both free and paid) that will make a huge difference to your finished images.

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