8 week online workshop
lesson 1
topic 3: focus: activity 1: try out the single AF mode

Photo 1 This one is on Auto single shot focus. I really love the crisp focus
Photo 2: I had my camera on single shot focus mode on TV mode. While I like this photo I feel frustrated with the lack of clear focus on his face.



I'm a SAHM of three. I have been home educating for 15 years. Photography is a new hobby after being gifted a DSLR two years ago. Am wanting more control over my pictures so I don't have to take loads of photographs to get one good image.


  1. Hi Robyn Please can you help me turn my photo portrait 🙂

  2. Hi nice focus on the first one. (I can’t turn that photo to as you’ve uploaded it that way. You’ll need to use whatever software you use to download your photos to your computer to rotate your images in future).
    The second image could have been better shot on AV as he’s not moving so shutter speed is not the priority. It’s always harder to get crisp focus when your subject is far away from the camera. I had a look at the large version of the photo and it looks like the focus has fallen on the grass behind him. Check to make sure you have your camera set to single point focus area (that’s in the next lesson topic).

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