The park again

The park again

8 week online workshop
lesson 3
rule of thirds

In the first photo I think that I got Thomas in the top line of the imaginary grid I think that my husband looking like a hobo ruined the photo a bit lol and in the second photo I have cropped it to try and get Oscar in the top corner of the grid but I may have complety missed the point on this

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I am a mom of two boys. Oscar 4 and Thomas 7 months We've been back in Australia for 12 months before that England.


  1. Hi Deb, I think it’s a lovely moment between Thomas and his dad. Don’t think he looks like a hobo :). Thomas is not quite on the top third line but it’s close enough. I like the composition. If you’d placed Thomas any higher in the image you would have cut off your husband’s head.
    The second one is nearly perfectly following the rule of thirds. You have Oscar’s eyes on the top right intersecting line and Thomas’ on the other. Maybe just a little bit more space in the image between Thomas and the left hand edge would have made it even better.
    Great job!

  2. I really like the perspective of the first one and it’s a lovely daddy moment. I love the shot of Thomas chasing Oscar – it’s joyful and natural and oh so cute. I like the reflections in the floorboards – you could really play around with that. A shot of just Thomas crawling where he is mirrored in the floor would look really cool.

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