Testing ISO

Testing ISO

8 week online workshop
lesson 2
Topic 4

I sort of skipped over topic 3 because I spent a bit of time on that one in the 21 day challenge. I did read through it and made sure it all made sense though.

I’m so glad this topic was this lesson! I’ve wanted a reason to test this on my camera. I pulled out my tripod after the first 3 shots I took (then deleted) because I realized I’d have to bump my Shutter to extreme slowness to get exposure. I left my aperture at f8 for all the photos.

Image one was at 100 ISO ss8
Image two ISO 800 ss.8. I’d still use this one I think, depending on the photo itself.
Image three ISO 1600 ss.3. This is where I say no. This is too noisy for me.
Image four ISO 6400 ss 1/13. Yeah……. no.

DPP_0922 DPP_0925 DPP_0926 DPP_0928

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  1. Great examples of the impact of high ISO Samantha. It’s good to know the limits of your camera and where you feel comfortable with the noise levels. Imagine if that noise was on your kids’ faces!

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