Sweet Baby Sophia

Sweet Baby Sophia

I can’t recall the settings, but I took this photo with my Canon 60D 50mm 1.8. It was during the middle of the night so only the lights in the hospital room were used. I am 100% positive my settings were off.

I am a mother of three boys. My oldest is 8 and my younger ones will be 6 and 4. We live in Tomball, Texas (US) which is a small city outside of Houston. Photographing my children has always been a passion of mine but I am ready to share my passion and take it to the next level!


  1. Welcome! This is lovely. Being indoors and under lights makes it quite difficult to get great photographs. The ISO was probably pretty high which is why it’s not as sharp as it could be, but that’s pretty unavoidable in that situation. You’ve done very well though. Nicely composed and a sweet moment captured. Well done!

  2. Thats a beautiful photo she’s brand new.

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