Summer is Fish and Chips in the park

Summer is Fish and Chips in the park

Just had to share these! Perfect examples of how Robyn says the best way to improve your photography is through practice.

Settings for main photo are
ISO 100
f-stop – 4
Shutter – 1/200

I found the photos were slightly dark with the bright background and being in the shade. My initial instinct is to put on the flash but I decided to experiment. I overexposed them slightly by having the exposure be two steps to the right on my camera viewfinder rather than lining up with 0. Two or three weeks ago I had no idea what to do in Manual mode and now I just take my camera everywhere and snap snap snap. I’m learning my way around it. Still so much to learn – bumped the bracketing button yesterday and had the camera doing crazy things – thank goodness for the internet which helped me work out what I’d done! Still have no idea what bracketing is, why it could be useful etc but at least I now know how to swtich it off in the future! But I’m having fun and I’m thrilled with the results. Really looking forward to the 8 week course!

DSC_7637-original DSC_7661 DSC_7616

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  1. Well done. So glad you’re out and about practicing. And I’m glad it’s all becoming clearer. Even bracketing will become clear to you in an upcoming lesson 🙂
    Not long now ’til the launch of the 8 week course. Very exciting!

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