Stories in Images & Collages

Stories in Images & Collages

Moments That Matter: lesson 7: topic 1: storytelling

Once I thought about the concept behind this I got rather excited. There is a difference between photos that tell a story and ones that don’t.. I love the concept of striving to tell a story.

Image 1 – Siena loving swing time with her brothers at whom she is loving at outside of the frame
taken at sunset

Image 2 – A Saturday morning play with just the two little ones at home.
Siena’s face in the first frame has me in constant stitches, the utter look of disdain as Sebastian comes near her to torment with the bike, she takes off, he pursues and then she triumphs back on the bike

Image 3 – Off exploring into the bush, a fearless baby and her big brother (and her mother following;) oh and the dog

Image 4 – All ‘hands on deck’ to move cement sheeting, teamwork. Just love that first picture.

story-2 Battle-of-the-Bug-Collage story-1 Working-as-a-Team-Collage

By Erin
Erin, married to my Prince Charming, mum of 10, wannabe photographer. Living on a property on the North Coast of NSW.


  1. I’m glad you like this lesson Erin. I’m a fan of photos that tell a story and give viewers an emotional connection. The first image is not technically perfect but it captures a perfect moment 🙂 It’s a little soft which may be noise from a high ISO (not sure which ISO setting you used). It also may just be out of focus a little. Backlighting like this can have many challenges and soft images can be one of them.. However, I love the look of happiness on her face and the fact that she’s looking out of the frame makes me curious about what she’s looking at (or at least would have done if you hadn’t told me). Also love the backlit golden colour of the sunset. The third image tells me a story of kids who have a wonderful environment to explore and makes me think about where they are heading and how much fun it would be to go with them. The collages are a great way to tell your story and I think they are very successful at that. Looks like Sienna is going to grow up to be a young lady who gets her way 🙂

  2. Robyn
    Thinking story has me considering the photos I take in a wider context. Yes the iso was high, taken in aperture because I’m having trouble with shutter always appearing too dark. I realised that I’m still struggling with metering/focusing, have been working more on that since this lesson. Was rather rapt as when I tried sunset light before I couldn’t capture it.
    Yes very lucky kids to have a bush to explore.
    Oh yes Siena already gets her own way, the benefit of being the youngest, they do dote on her.

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