8 week online workshop
lesson 2
breaking rules.

I’m sharing this photo because after some cropping in Lightroom it ended up being my favorite photo of the day. 🙂


27 years old from Saint Paul MN (US). I have a 3 year old daughter, a son in heaven who would be 2, and 1 year old identical twin sons! I've been with my husband for 10 years but we've only been married since August 2013. I have always loved photography and just 5 months ago upgraded from my point n shoot to a canon t3 DSLR. I'm in love!


  1. Love it 🙂 And to be honest I actually like how the featured image at the top has cropped out the top of the image – so the splash and the feet are the feature. I think it has more impact without seeing her hand and her jacket. My eye gets drawn from her feet/splash to the hand/jacket and back again.

    • I was a little nervous to crop it down that far so I didn’t even try. I worry that I’ll lose quality, and since this originated as a full body shot that seemed far to me. But the feature did it fine so maybe it’d be ok 🙂 I’ll have to try it tomorrow.

    • I agree with Robyn. The cropped picture at the top looks stunning. Cropping it to a landscape image may help. Such a great action shot!

  2. That’s brilliant she must of been having so much fun

  3. Brilliant. I love the feature image too. No distraction. Love watching kids play in the rain

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