Soft Light

Soft Light

8 week online workshop
lesson 4
2: Soft Light.

My focus is off in these pictures, I wish it wasn’t but I was rushing through as my antsy 3 year old didn’t want to play today. Sadly this was the only overcast day we’ve had this whole week so far so I had to take advantage. It’s still a bit bright with all the snow on the ground so I had to somewhat modify my plans accordingly. Also, please ignore her post lunch face – I have limited time during the boys’ nap time that I rush her out the door asap.

The first photo was taken facing the light. I wanted to shoot from above but it was still to bright for her to look up towards the sun. The second photo was taken also facing the sun but shows how bright it still is with her squinty eyes. the third photo was facing away from the sun.

All were ISO 100 ss1/250 f5.6

I plan to upload more of this lesson as I work on the different parts.

IMG_2054 IMG_2050 IMG_2049

27 years old from Saint Paul MN (US). I have a 3 year old daughter, a son in heaven who would be 2, and 1 year old identical twin sons! I've been with my husband for 10 years but we've only been married since August 2013. I have always loved photography and just 5 months ago upgraded from my point n shoot to a canon t3 DSLR. I'm in love!


  1. Hi Samantha, I did wonder how you’d go with this topic. The reflection off the snow will make your soft light quite a bit harder and harsher. You have avoided the harsh shadows nicely but the squinty eyes are a bit of a challenge. You might actually find some better soft light inside near a door or window. You managed a nice exposure on her face in the last one where she was facing away from the sun – this would have been a bit of a challenge as it’s so bright behind her. I guess it was spot metering, exposure compensation (and a bit of post processing perhaps???).

  2. The harsh shadows was what I struggled with a bit. I’m hoping to get another overcast day to play with it some more. The one where she was facing away from the sun was spot metering and exposure compensation. At this point I almost always automatically set exposure +1 before I even head outside haha, because every time I don’t I end up doing it anyway. I think I did tweak that one just a smidge in Lightroom (+0.20) to give it just a little more. But it really wasn’t very dark because the snow was reflecting the light right back onto her face.

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