Soccer practice in hard light

Soccer practice in hard light

8 week online workshop
lesson 4
Hard light

My daughter wants to play soccer this year and is trying out her brand new soccer boots…we don’t have the rest of the kit yet which is why she’s wearing a dress and questionable socks over the shin pads. She was having fun, but it was interesting to see in the photos how the light at this time of day creates so many shadows. I went for an action shot of her kicking the ball….I could have done with positioning her more on the left of the shot to give the ball somewhere to go in the photo; a close up of her new soccer boots….although these still have shadows over them; and a close up of her face..while I can see catchlights a lot of her face has shadows over it. An interesting experiment with hard light though….and a good tip to avoid taking shots at this time of the day (if possible). I will have to play with the techniques you suggest for taking pics at this awkward time of day.
Image 1: ISO200, f/5.6, 1/640
Image 2: ISO200, f/5.6, 1/640
Image 3: ISO200, f/8, 1/640

DSC05712 DSC05701 DSC05709

I'm a Sydney mum to 2 gorgeous girls and am pregnant with my 3rd daughter, who will join us at the end of March. I'm keen to learn more about capturing the best shots of my children and am excited to be learning how to use my camera.


  1. I’m really glad this lesson has demonstrated to you what I wanted it to: Avoid hard light if at all possible! Nice job through with the action shot of your daughter kicking the soccer ball. You’ve captured her in mid kick nicely. Agreed that the composition could have been different but sometimes you don’t have the luxury of time to perfectly compose a shot when they’re moving fast.
    Tell your daughter I love the look – soccer boots with a dress – it might just catch on 🙂

  2. Thanks Robyn. Portraits are definitely easier to nail the composition of than action shots….will have to work on that. I’ve been a bit slack with the course as now both my “subjects” are at school…but will have to get back into it…I miss it!!!!

    • I guess it’s not too long until you have another subject!

      • And it will be a still subject for a few months. How easy it was to take photos when all they could do was lie down or sit up!

        • Exactly – think about all those beautiful newborn photos you will be able to take, Sally!

  3. Love the boots, shin pads and socks look. The first photo is still really lovely, even with the shadowy face. I like how the light is bouncing off all those stray strands of hair.

  4. Great images – you managed to capture the energy of her kicking the ball perfectly!

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