sitting by snowy window

sitting by snowy window

8 week online workshop
lesson 1

All of these photos were taken with me 35mm on aperture priority at F/2.2 and ISO at 3200. After a few shots, I took the ISO down considerably, but then my Ryan was done with the computer and the moment was over. The first photo I took “metering1” I metered off the brightest spot, the snow in the window and understandably my son is under exposed. The shutter speed was 1/4000s. The next photo I metered off my Ryan’s face, and the window is completely over exposed. I like this shot, even though you loose the detail of the snow outside. (shutter speed was 1/320s). The last shot “metering3” is a balance of the two extremes, although still a little dark, and shutter speed was 1/1250s.

metering3 metering1 metering2

My husband, John, and I have been blessed with two wonderful children. Ryan is 4 and Rebecca is 1 and they keep me very busy, but I love it. We live outside of Washington D.C. with our dog Cooper.


  1. The first photo is lovely i like the way his face is light up and I agree with you on the other shots. I found this lesson hard xx

    • Yep, Deb exposure is hard. But keep practicing and it’ll get a lot easier. You might also want to come back to this lesson and redo it later.

  2. Yes Ashley our digital cameras are amazing pieces of technology but still we sometimes have to compromise – especially when it comes to exposure. The trick is to work out what is MOST important to you and get that right. It’s usually exposing for the kids and sacrificing the background. It’s often good to bracket your exposures like you have done so you don’t miss the moment. Taking 3 (or even more) shots at different exposures – instead of 1 – guarantees you’ll get something that is closest to what you want. The metering3 shot could be improved a little in editing by brightening up the mid tones (skin tones). We’ll be going through that very soon.

  3. These are lovely images. I like the third image because the lighting on your son makes him look really warm, in contrast to the snow that you can see out of the window. It is a really ‘cosy’ image. I am planning on attempting this exercise tomorrow… hopefully I can get some images as lovely as these!

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