shutter and aperture priority

shutter and aperture priority

8 week online workshop
lesson 1
Topic 1: Camera Basics

Kaarin had trouble uploading these so I am doing it on her behalf.
Here’s what she had to say: Here are two variations of the same image, one cropped and one size as shot. While I think that the photo needs cropping to focus on the subject, it doesn’t seem to tell the story as much as the uncropped image (and seems a little like he is drowning!)
Shot on shutter priority to freeze the action. 1/200 sec, iso 400 which gave f/14.
I was standing on a veranda, looking down on the kids swimming in the pool, happily doing tricks so I could play with my camera.
Also an AV Example. This was unfortunately free hand, stabilizing on the table, but I am still happy with the focus on the miniature diamond ring contained in the locket and the blurring of the rest of the locket and material that I had it positioned on. I like the texture that can be seen in the material and the shadow cast by the locket.
Set to f/5.0 (this was the lowest I could manage in order to keep my shadow out of the image), iso 400 which gave 1/20 sec shutter speed.

KA-Rohan-Uncropped KA-Rohan-Cropped KA-AV-Example


  1. Kaarin I LOVE the colours in the pool shots. Very vibrant and “summer”. Nice job on capturing the splash too it adds to the impact of the photo. I’m torn on whether I like the cropped or uncropped – both are good in different ways. I do think that the uncropped does tell the story better though, as you said. Nice job on the Aperture priority shot. Good depth of field. A faster shutter speed (maybe bumping up the ISO) would definitely help but it’s pretty sharp considering you were hand holding at 1/20.
    I look forward to seeing lots more from you!

  2. love the pool shots, splash is great even more so since we are in a heatwave lol

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