Rodd Point (again)

Rodd Point (again)

Moments That Matter: lesson 2: topic 1: exposure triangle

Well, it’s been ages since we headed around to Rodd Point in this course and it’s been ages since I’ve posted!

We headed around on our scooters and discovered a new water bubbler. Bubblers always intrigue little ones! I wanted to capture the water nicely from the bubbler and I think I achieved that. I’m not sure how to see what my settings were without putting the stick back in the camera…I knew how to do it with JPEGs but now that I am shooting in RAW I don’t.

The other photos I just liked. There was another one that I really liked but I’ve done a black and white conversion of it in Lightroom so wasn’t sure if it was a good example.

Thoroughly enjoyed being back out with my camera again! I’ve switched to back button focus so that’s what I am really adjusting to at the moment. It still feels a little awkward (I wish the button was a little bit further to the right) but I also quite like it. I also discovered that I’m starting to be able to make changes to the camera, such as changing the metering, without needing the instruction manual!

rodd-point-bubbler-25 rodd-point-a-25-2 rodd-point-a-25-3 rodd-point-a-25

I'm a full time stay at home mum to a gorgeous three year old. In a previous life I was a primary school teacher, teaching at a private girls school in Sydney. I may do a little bit of casual teaching in the near future. I'm in my mid-30s (how did I get here so quickly??) and have been married to Adam for almost 12 years.


  1. Hi Michelle, great to see you back. These are all very nicely exposed which means that you are using the 3 elements of the exposure triangle really well. And you’ve used your shutter speed to capture the water perfectly. As you have these in Lightroom you can see the camera settings there. On the right hand side there is a panel with Exif data that shows all of your settings. Glad to see you trying out back button focus. It does take some getting used to but once you do, you’ll never go back!
    I have a couple of suggestions that relate to composition rather than exposure. In the third image I would personally crop out the big leaves. They don’t add much to the story and they draw my eye away from the main focus of her hand. I think it would have more impact without them. Also in the last image beware of amputating fingers. If you’d angled the camera just a little you would have avoided this. Just a minor thing but something to look out for.
    These are lovely “story telling” images of your day out. I especially love the bubbler image – the expression on her face made me laugh. Well done.
    I hope we see more from you soon.

  2. Thanks Robyn. Those fingers were bothering me too, as they only just got such a teeny trim! I quite liked the leaves in the yellow berry shot, but those leaves are just where she was plucking the berries from, so for me there is a context that isn’t obvious to anyone else, so I totally appreciate your views too. And I can see that they do draw your eye away from the hand.

    Thanks for the exif information. I saw online that someone had that information appearing in the top left hand corner of their photos but it wasn’t coming up for me following their steps. Not that I really wanted it to, I just hadn’t noticed the information at the top right hand side of the screen.

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