Ribbons in the wind

Ribbons in the wind

8 week online workshop
lesson 2
3 – movement

I struggled to find ‘movement’ pictures that I was happy with. Took plenty of trees moving in the wind, but they looked boring – blurred in the right places but just not nice enough to warrant being uploaded. I had an idea to get ribbons waving in the wind, but again these haven’t worked quite the way I wanted. Maybe the ribbons were too sheer? Anyway… I tied the ribbons to Clare’s tricycle and let the wind blow them around. The exercise worked well, but the pictures are still bland.. sorry everyone 🙂

IMG_3112 IMG_3107 IMG_3114 IMG_3119

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  1. They aren’t bland they are lovely x

  2. Hi Sarah. Very creative thinking 🙂 The ribbons were a great idea. And they perfectly demonstrated stopping movement and the blur from a slower shutter speed. I agree with Deb, they are not bland. I like the contrast between the pretty coloured ribbons and the background. Good job.

  3. Thanks! Forgot to mention that we had been finger painting prior to this, and Clare seems to think that she should paint herself rather than the paper, hence the big black marks on her chest 🙂

  4. I really struggled with finding some interesting and “post-worthy” photos of movement too. I finally just posted some so I could move to the next lesson! I like the ribbons though, especially the pink one against the sky in the last photo. The contrast looks really nice.

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