8 week online workshop
lesson 2
Exposure Triangle

I’ve never really stopped to appreciate how beautiful raindrops on plants are until today, and so it was a perfect excuse to get the camera out and practice the exposure triangle. All shots taken using Aperture Priority.
Pic 1 is my favourite – ISO100, f/5.6, 1/80. I love the raindrops on the far left of the picture and I think it’s pretty evenly exposed.
Pic 2 – ISO100, f/5.6, 1/25. The shutter speed is lower in this one and because the ISO and aperture weren’t adjusted the image is overexposed.
Pic 3 – ISO400, f/7.1, 1/100. I love the water pooling on the leaves in this shot. This angle of the plant was slightly darker so I increased the ISO and the shutter speed is slightly higher so the shot is a bit darker.
The more I think about it the more I confuse myself…..is that normal?

DSC05104 DSC05103 DSC05100

I'm a Sydney mum to 2 gorgeous girls and am pregnant with my 3rd daughter, who will join us at the end of March. I'm keen to learn more about capturing the best shots of my children and am excited to be learning how to use my camera.


  1. Picture #1 is my favorite. I like the composition, particularly with the darker center of the plant located in the bottom right third of the image. The patterns in this plant are also beautiful. If you use an editing software on your images you may want to try darkening the blacks a little to increase the contrast of the leaves and the raindrops and possibly increasing the vibrance a little to enhance the colors in the center of the plant. Nice image.

  2. Thanks Kaarin…I’m very new to photography and editing scares the pants of me at the moment…I wouldn’t know where to start!!! 🙂

  3. Hi Sally, you’ve done a great job on these.
    Photography helps you to really see the world which is one of the wonderful things about it. Raindrops on plants are magical.
    And about thinking about it and confusing yourself – totally normal 🙂 . You have to think about it a lot now but if you keep practicing one day it will just click into place and you’ll stop thinking so much and just do it – like driving a car. The fact that you are thinking about it now is great though. It sure beats putting the camera on auto and letting the camera do the thinking.
    Good job with these. Nice depth of field, focus where it needs to be and the exposure is good.
    As Kaarin said, things could be done in editing and we’ll get to that soon. For now just try and get it as good as you can in camera and then when you do a bit of editing it will just “pop”!

  4. These are really beautiful. I love the way thinking more about photography makes you look at your surroundings so differently (I spent half an hour at a party on saturday night playing with a lantern and a glass and taking photos with my iPhone and wishing I had my camera with me). And we are Australian – we get excited about rain. I love the off centre composition of these and they are very crisp and detailed. It’s also really good to see how the different settings affected the exposure.

  5. I agree – thinking about photography has you see the world in a different way. I find I’m constantly visualising things as a photo – framing it up in my mind and seeing the end result, whether the camera is in my hand or not.

    I like the third one too – the pooled water, the reflections you’ve captured – just lovely

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