Rainbow Spaghetti

Rainbow Spaghetti

Moments That Matter: lesson 1: topic 3: focus

Finally re-did this lesson! I’d been hoping to redo her crazy head-shaking photos (posted on my blog) because that was so much fun, but she wasn’t keen.

This afternoon I made some rainbow spaghetti for sensory play. Initially I was just capturing the moment, but then Tiffany started moving her arms around wildly and being quite active with the spaghetti, rather than just squelching it in her hands. As she was moving so quickly, I changed the focus from Single to Continuous. It was quite dark (we didn’t get outside with this until after 4pm and it was overcast) so I really cranked up the ISO, up to 3200. Shutter speed of 1/320, aperture f/5, shooting with a 50mm lens. Sometimes she enjoys me taking photos and she was in that mood this afternoon so I just kept the camera firing in quick succession. It’s quite fun to look at the whole series of photos quickly, you can see her action. Towards the end of playing the sun hit the attic of our house and there was a lovely reflective light – everything warmed up in the photos and they took on a more golden hue.

Really thrilled with what I captured this afternoon. Most of the time I take photos of Tiffany being quite still, and whilst she isn’t running around here, she was moving fast. I usually shoot on single focus but found continuous focus really useful this afternoon.

POTD-1-30 POTD-2-2 POTD-1-31 POTD-1-29

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  1. The exposure is lovely on these – the colours shine, and contrast beautifully. The sensory play looks like a lot of fun and you can see she is enjoying herself. You have captured the wiggly movement of the spaghetti really well 🙂

  2. These are so much fun. I love them. You’ve captured the movement and the action really nicely. As a small suggestion a little bit of cropping would add to the impact. If you cropped out some of the fence and trees at the top it would help to draw the eye to Miss Tiffany. The first one has a bit of house showing in the top left which is drawing my eye away and is a little distracting. Overall though these are great and you certainly pass this lesson with flying colours 🙂

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