Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

This is my second attempt to upload so I hope this one is successful. I was able to photograph my niece this weekend. This was around sunset so I my goal was to get good backlighting. I need to work on spot metering and reading the histogram but I think these are print worthy 🙂 These were all taken with a 50mm 1.8 lens f2.2 1/200 ISO 100.


IMG_3896-683x1024IMG_3872-683x1024 IMG_3865-683x1024


I am a mother of three boys. My oldest is 8 and my younger ones will be 6 and 4. We live in Tomball, Texas (US) which is a small city outside of Houston. Photographing my children has always been a passion of mine but I am ready to share my passion and take it to the next level!

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  1. Lovely work Samantha. These really have that magical feel that comes from backlighting at that time of the day. To make the most of the beautiful golden hue on the background it might have been nice to see some where you pulled back a bit and are not so close. I’m sure you probably shot lots (if you’re anything like me) so you may well have done this anyway. I think your metering is pretty good considering this is one of the hardest lighting conditions to work in. Well Done!

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