Playing with Settings

Playing with Settings

Moments That Matter: lesson 1: topic 1: know your camera

Siena portrait- love portratit setting, soft, detailed my new fav setting!
Flower Setting – Well I have a long way to go here, just not looking like the foodie shots yet:(
Soccer Dog – Zoom Bracketing – Was so so in capturing moving images, boy playing soccer with his dog, but too slow really and then the pictures look too fake, must be the pixels I’m assuming
beach scultping – love beach setting so crisp
* Wouldn’t let me load more than 2 pics even though less than 2mb:(

settings-portrait settings-beach

By Erin
Erin, married to my Prince Charming, mum of 10, wannabe photographer. Living on a property on the North Coast of NSW.

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  1. Hi Erin. My apologies for missing this post. I’m not sure why you couldn’t load more than 2 photos. You should be able to load up to 4. I’ll do a test and see if the upload is functioning correctly. In the meantime I’ll give you feedback on the 2 that did upload. If you love portrait setting just wait until you get to the depth of field lesson and start using aperture priority – that’s when you’ll really start getting stunning portraits. This is a nice portrait of Siena. It would have been nice to get a little bit more light into her face by moving her closer to a window but we’ll get into all of that later. Nice job with this one. The beach scene is lovely. You’ve captured the family interactions really nicely and it’s a lovely memory to have captured. You’ve been down on a nice low angle too when you shot it which really makes a difference when photographing children. Good work.

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