Playing at the park

Playing at the park

8 week online workshop
lesson 1

We headed south for the weekend and had a wonderful time away. I looked out after dinner at the park and the light was gorgeous. It was on sunset/dusk and between the golden hues and the clearing sky after the afternoon storm, the whole area looked delightful.

I started snapping and then remembered I’d read this lesson and could start shooting in different focus modes to suit my needs. I had been shooting on single point but switched to continuous. The photos from the continuous focus were much crisper and easier to take.

All the ones I’ve included were from the continuous focus. Perhaps I should have switched to automatic auto focus? Can’t recall my settings on the camera (not sure how to see that information on RAW files – my JPEG stick is still in the camera) but I know my ISO was really high to compensate for the poor light, so the photos are quite grainy. I was shooting with my 50mm lens.

I edited the garbage bins out of the main photo. In the final photo the fence in the background bugs me. It had to be either the garbage bins or the fence and I went for the fence. After discovering how easy it was to edit the bins out I wish that was the distraction I’d included!

These photos certainly capture a fun play in the park just before Tiffany’s bedtime and I’m thrilled that I captured such great moments…it was a wonderful weekend away and these images will certainly evoke that time away for a long time to come.

park4-11 park1-11 park2-11 park5-11

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  1. Knew there was a reason I didn’t upload these last night. Sorry! I should’ve re-read the activity instructions again tonight as I there were still things I needed to do. Will re-do the lesson again to make sure I do all activities in the lesson. Oops!

  2. These are really lovely photos. The colours are beautiful – such green grass makes me quite jealous!

  3. I look forward to seeing what else you do with this lesson topic activity and will keep my main feedback for then. But with these I just had to agree with Sarah, your colours are stunning. That is partly because of the time of day and the lovely soft golden light but it’s also very much to do with the fact that you nailed the exposure. I also love the composition of the main photo. Having the hands and ball just inside the frame adds interest and a bit of mystery to the photo – much more than if you’d had them totally out of the frame or more in it.

  4. Beautiful photos, beautiful light. I like the first and last ones in particular. They really capture that “just popped outside for a bit of fun” moment. The pink dress against that green, green grass (been a while since I’ve seen grass that green!) looks fantastic.

  5. My favourite shot is the last one. I also like the one with the ball mid air. That is tricky to do capturing that motion without blur! I agree the pink dress and green of the field are magic

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