photos from the first challenge

photos from the first challenge

Note: I uploaded these photos on behalf of Deb who was having technical difficulties. Robyn

8 week online workshop
lesson 1
know your camera

These are my photos the one of just Thomas I messed with the exposure so that’s why it’s a bit bleached out


IMG_26482268205891 IMG_26486170238434 IMG_26478722254723 IMG_26491904429854


  1. Nice work Deb. It’s lovely to see your photography getting better and better over the time you’ve been with us. And it’s lovely to share the moments with your boys. Just keep watching for distracting backgrounds. Especially the chair leg in the first one. I don’t think the photo of Thomas is too bleached out. I actually quite like the skin tones you’ve achieved.

  2. Thank you thats awesome. I thought that I was getting better but wasn’t sure.

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