Photo Editing: Things I Always Do lesson

Photo Editing: Things I Always Do lesson

This is uploaded for Melissa as the WordPress gremlins have been at work and form uploads were not working earlier. Fingers crossed it’s fixed now.


This is my first photo-editing technique, and I think I did okay!  I removed some background distractions (a bright spot and a blanket in the bottom corner) but couldn’t figure out how to effectively do anything with the furniture behind him, so I have left that.  I love the way that his eyes sparkle now!  I was a bit heavy-handed with the skin smoothing, and I wouldn’t go this far in future (I was just a bit excited at having finally figured out how to do it, haha!)


I am pretty happy with this attempt.  I cropped in closer and took out the fence showing in the background and I really like how the other edits have softened her and brightened her eyes.

I feel like I need a lot more practice with the editing concepts – I’m particularly struggling with the vignette and the brightening of the eyes (I find it often looks quite unnatural/too bright).  I’d love to know the rules around cropping and fixing over-exposed sections too.  I’ll keep practicing before I move onto the next module :-)​


DSC_0091_ED_sidebyside DSC_3456_ED_sidebyside v2

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  1. Well done for your first attempt Melissa. Yes practice will make it all make sense eventually. The great thing about Photoshop is you can try things, tweak them and undo anything you don’t like. You can’t break anything 🙂
    The image of Jack is really good. The whole image pops more and is clearer and brighter. You have also sharpened it just the right amount and that has improved the overall look.
    The image of Ruby is way better with the fence cropped out as she is now the focal point of the image and the eye is not drawn to the bright strip of fence and concrete.
    We will do a whole lot more in upcoming lessons on removing distractions and also a whole lesson on portrait retouching where you’ll get to see other techniques for brightening and sharpening eyes – there are many many many ways to do everything in Photoshop which is part of it’s power – but also makes it challenging at times.
    We’ll also cover fixing over exposed areas. Cropping is so much a matter of personal taste that there are no real rules (except perhaps cropping for the “rule of thirds” – if you’re not sure what that is download the free e-book here:

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