Over Exposure and Depth of Field

Over Exposure and Depth of Field

Moments That Matter: lesson 5: topic 3: break the rules of exposure

Pretty excited that I finally managed to take depth of field photos, I’ve long wanted to but couldn’t really ‘get it’ before. Still hit and miss at times but nailing it more and more:)

Image 1: iso 100 shuttter 1/30 ap 3.26 taken in aperture mode
Finally managed to succeed with depth of field:)
Focus is on the apple, endeavoured to remember other rules though such as including fingers, white balance, clutter distractions, rule of thirds etc

Image 2: iso 100 shuttter 1/27 ap 3.26 taken in aperture mode
In this one Sebastian has his eyes open, slight catchlight on one eye, sadly not the other. Still succeeding with depth of field, focus still on apple
disappointed I cut out his fingers but don’t think it makes too much of a difference

Image 3: iso 100 shuttter 1/50 ap 3.26 taken in aperture mode
soft, dreamy, oh so happy.
but yes realise I didn’t really be creative with the rules here but just so giddy I managed to nail depth of field couldn’t resist sharing

Image 1: iso 100 shuttter 1/180 ap 3.26
overexposed, not happy with the shadows on Siena’s eyes, but was interested to see how the white background and the settings affected the picture.

breaking-depth-1 breaking-depth-2 breaking-depth-3 breaking-depth-4

By Erin
Erin, married to my Prince Charming, mum of 10, wannabe photographer. Living on a property on the North Coast of NSW.


  1. Hi Erin. Good job.
    Images 1&2: A little tip to make the depth of field “rule break” work even better is have the item you want to get in focus (i.e. the apple) a little further away from from Sebastian. Then the apple will be sharper and Sebastian less in focus. This will give an even more dramatic look (see the example in the lesson).
    Image 3: Haha. You can share just because you’re “öh so happy”. I’m oh so happy that you are happy 🙂
    Image 4: This one has an old-world look to it. Quite vintage and I like it. The shadows around the eyes could probably have been avoided by angling her slightly so that the light was not behind her.
    Overall it’s great to see you still thinking about the other rules even while deliberately breaking some of them.

    • Thanks, being more conscious now to focus more on ‘item’, can see what you mean in image 1
      Oh I am so very happy, can see the difference since I began the course.
      funny with image 4 the light was to the side of her, maybe the tree reflected? hadn’t thought about the vintage look except it reminded me of one of my baby photos, now I know why!:)

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