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Out and about

Moments That Matter: topic 1: know your camera

Having a go with different settings on my camera.
Beach setting for dog running along by the water – love the way you can see the bubbles in the tide coming in & the way the dog is looking straight ahead.
Landscape setting for two tree photos. Really liked the shape of the cabbage tree, but not sure that I have got what I was picturing in my head.
Two trees with the flag – was hoping to get the flag moving but had an impatient girl with me who was not keen on waiting for the wind to pick up.
Children setting for Marlee – we were at the playground and boy can kids move fast there (esp when you are trying to get photos of them). Not sure what she is looking at, but love the look on her face. Also like the sun shining through her hair.


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  1. Great work Kellie. The beach setting was perfect for the dog on the beach and you captured him mid-run nicely. When you get further into the course we will be using metering techniques to get the exposure better which will make all of these images even better. Landscape was a good choice for the trees as you get all of the scene in focus. I know what you mean about not getting what you picture in your mind. That happens to all of us sometimes – even the pros. But the more you progress with this course (and more importantly practice) the less often that will happen. Love the expression on Marlee’s face too. You really wonder what has caught her attention. There are some exposure issues with this one but you’ll get onto that later in the course. You’ll also get really used to me pointing out distractions in the background (like the pole growing out of her head 🙂 ). But all together a great first assignment.

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