one down

one down

most of the photos I took were rubbish. I really like the first photo where he is peeking, really wish i’d moved the shirt out of the background.
The second photo I like but I would like to learn how to take good photos in the dark.
the third photo I just love how the flash has brought out the color in his eyes but I don’t like how it has bleached out his face

I am a mom of two boys. Oscar 4 and Thomas 7 months We've been back in Australia for 12 months before that England.


  1. Hi Debbie, something really weird happened to your last photo. It was just a big purple blob. The file may have been corrupted in the upload. Email it to me and I’ll upload it manually

  2. Hi again Debbie, The file came through OK this time. I am just about to do a tutorial on how to size images for websites as I think your problem is the same that others are having – trying to upload files that are too big for the website.

    Now on to your feedback: I agree it’s a shame about the shirt but you’ll remember that for next time. A good habit to get into (when you’ve got time) is to scan the background through the viewfinder before you hit the shutter. That way you’ll see problems before you take the photo. But having said that it’s a really nice photo even with the shirt.

    Image 2: You’ve captured a lovely moment between dad and bub. And at the end of the day that’s far more important than a technically perfect shot. But we will cover more on low light photography as you progress through the challenge.

    Image 3: The flash is too strong and unfortunately that has over exposed your son’s face. Not much that can be done with this one, you’re just too close. Best to try again and move back a bit away from him and use your zoom to fill the frame.

    Great to see you practicing and I look forward to seeing more from you.

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