Noisy tulips

Noisy tulips

8 week online workshop
lesson 4
lesson 2 topic 4: iso and noise

Here are four similar shots at different ISOs. I took probably close to a dozen different shots, but will upload these four as a decent representation of what I found. Usually 3200 is the very highest I will go, but I took it all the way up for this lesson and tried my nikon’s “2EV”, which is apparently an equivalent of 25600. The noise is very apparent at that level, but what I learned from this lesson is that I could see the noise more clearly in the painted solid color background than the details of the flowers.

tulips200 tulips800 tulips3200 tulips25600

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  1. Yes Ashley you usually see the noise most in darker/shadow areas and solid areas. I find that I’m pretty OK with most noise unless it occurs on people’s skin. So I usually don’t go over 1600 or 3200 with people. This is a great exercise to do so you know the limits of your camera and also what your preferences are. How amazing is it that we can get an ISO of 25600? That’s serious low-light photography. Good job on the tulips by the way – nice photo – the depth of field is lovely and the colours really nice.

  2. Love the Tulips! (Oh how I need spring to come soon…) I agree about the background noise and that it’s not super apparent in the tulips themselves.

  3. They are lovely shots tulips make you feel happy and it’s good to see the differences really well

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