8 week online workshop
lesson 2
4 – noise

I liked the sample image in this topic so rereated my own… I took the images indoors, at 1/60, f8 and the first few images were so dark they barely show a thing. This first image in this collage is ISO 800,then 1600, 3200 and 6400 respectively. I can definitely see the ‘graininess’ in the higher ISO images, though I saved this as a gif to upload it so now the whole image appears a little grainy.


Mum to 2 little girls. Live & work on a cattle station in Queensland. Have only been 'on the land' for the past 5 years - before that I was a Marketing Manger for a regional airline, then I met a grazier, fell in love, and moved away from it all :)

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  1. Hi Sarah, you can definitely see the grain at the higher ISOs. You probably needed to vary your shutter speeds to make sure that the exposure is right with the lower ISO’s (they are a little underexposed). However, it’s a good exercise and should give you an idea of what your camera is capable of at high ISOs and what your ideal maximum ISO is going to be to get a good result.

    On a side note: If you are having trouble with your files for upload you can try saving them as a .png file instead of .gif as they will be better quality (higher resolution).

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