Noise comparaison

Noise comparaison

8 week online workshop
lesson 2
ISO and noise

I took these indoors with just one (merge) light on so there was a bit of shadow around. My camera goes between ISO100 and ISO25600. In these conditions up to 800 was fine but then you really noticed the noise. It seems to kind of creep in from the outer, shadowy parts and end up taking over the whole frame!
First image is ISO 800, second ISO 1600, then 12,800 and 25,600. Below 800 I couldn’t really notice any but the pictures were also quite under-exposed. Obviously at 25,600 it is super grainy.
I’ve always been a bit scared to push past ISO 800 but I think I’d be more willing to do so if needed, having done this exercise. I’d rather get the shot with a bit of graininess than not get the shot at all!

8WL2-ISO800 8WL2-ISO1600 8WL2-ISO12800 8WL2-ISO25600

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  1. Well done. It’s good that you now have feel for how high you can push your ISO. Now even if you do push it a bit higher you will know in advance what kind of result you are going to get. And as you say it’s often get the shot and know it won’t be perfect or miss the shot totally. I had a look at the 25,600 at 100% size and it’s pretty bad. But even that one might be OK converted to black and white as that eliminates some of the colour noise. Traditional B&W images were often quite grainy so it’s often a good option if you love the photo but don’t like the noise in the colour version.

  2. I converted it and one of the earlier ones to B&W and it looks fine, I would use that as a rescue possibility for something that is a good shot but noisy. 25,600 is a really high ISO so I expected it to be grainy, and I have the noise reduction turned off as well.

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