my favourite

my favourite

This is my favourite photo of my little one! She was having a great time and for once I just let her go for it. I love that I caught the expression on her face. And I love that we’ll both have this day captured in our memories with this photo. I think it’s a bit out of focus but I don’t really care. I’d love your feedback.



(Note from Robyn: this image was submitted by Karen by email and I’m posting it on her behalf)


  1. Thanks for posting it for me Robyn. Looking forward to some feedback from you and the others in the group.

  2. My pleasure Karen. Welcome to the challenge and I’m looking forward to seeing many more beautiful photos. Well done with this one. Great job at capturing the action. I certainly wouldn’t worry about it not being super sharp. It doesn’t need to be! And also it’s not too bad anyway! Your aim in this photo was to capture a moment and you did just that. We will be covering focus in depth in an upcoming challenge so you’ll get a chance to practice and improve getting sharp images.

  3. I love this! Its sharper than the photos I seem to get, and the action definitely takes the attention away from it not being super sharp!

  4. What a great photo. So much vibrant colour offsetting the cooler colours of the day and the little boats add a creative air. The action shot of your little girl is wonderful.

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