My Dog Rusty

My Dog Rusty

This was a great project. I tested my shutter speed for hand-held. I think my limit is 1/40 but look forward to your opinion. I set my camera to TV and annotated all the variations in the attached photo. The colours look a bit washed out but these photos were taken in the middle of the day when the sun was brightest. I would like to know how to moderate the colours so they are more true-to-life – any ideas would be great. I had my lighting set to DAYLIGHT on the camera.



  1. Hi Rosemary. I will check out your shutter speed assignment and give feedback shortly but first I’d like to check something with you. These have a very blue colour cast here on the website. Can you let me know if the original images you posted are similar. If not we may have an upload problem. If your images are also blue-ish can you please check which white balance setting you have on your camera as this may be causing the issue. Alternatively if you edited these in Photoshop or similar did you adjust the colour? – it may be an issue with Photoshop or your monitor colour calibration.

  2. Hi Robyn, I checked my camera and had the white balance set to tungsten. I think this may have been the problem. I’ll try again today with the white balance set to daylight or cloudy.

    • Yes, that would be the problem. It’s OK to set white balance to auto as well so you don’t have to worry about it. The camera is pretty good at getting it right in most lighting situations. Setting it to Auto for now will allow you to have one less thing to worry about while you’re practicing the other things in these lessons.

  3. p.s. the white balance setting will probably also be why you thought these were washed out. And shooting in the harsh light of the middle of the day can also tend to wash out your images. It’s difficult light to work with.Re the assignment/activities: It’s a bit hard for me to tell in these images where you started to get camera shake. If you post separate images it’s easier for me to see the detail. I wouldn’t be surprised if 1/40 is a little slow to get tack sharp images. I would highly recommend you stay above 1/60+ unless you really have to go slower. I look forward to seeing some more images if you shoot this assignment again.

  4. would you like me to upload the individual photos to the blog or attach them to an email?

    • either would be good, thanks

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