my beautiful boys eyes.

my beautiful boys eyes.

8 week online workshop
lesson 3

I think that I focused on their eyes in these pictures.
I’m very lucky to have boys with such gorgeous eyes.

IMG_16847167213853-1 IMG_16767573094524-1 IMG_16774147652443-1

I am a mom of two boys. Oscar 4 and Thomas 7 months We've been back in Australia for 12 months before that England.


  1. They look pretty sharp Deb. Well done. And you have catchlights too. The catchlights look like they may be from flash or artificial lights rather than window light because they are so small. The last one definitely looks like you have used flash as there is quite a harsh shadow on the wall behind Oscar. If it is artificial light or flash I’d love to see you try this with window light so you can get a nice big catchlight in the eyes. This will make their eyes really sparkle. An upcoming lesson is all about window light and shooting indoors so it will give you more chance to try this out.

  2. Very handsome boys with very beautiful eyes. The eyes are certainly the focus of these pictures.

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