Model at the Beach

Model at the Beach

So many people love this photo that i took and compliment me on my photography skills. In all honesty, i didn’t use an special setting, and i wasn’t trying to capture an amazing moment. All i had asked the model to do, was pose however she wanted, to stay in that position and while we wait for the back splash of the wave to arrive, and as the wave splashed, i took the photo. Lucky for the image, she is reflecting in the water below her, which adds a nice touch (something I didn’t even realise was part of the photo until I saw this on my computer when going through the photos at home, the following day). This was, for me, a fluke shot. While I agree, that it is a pretty good shot, I took this by chance, and would like to learn what to look for when taking images like this.


  1. Hi Rein. Welcome! A lot of photography is part knowledge/skill and part luck. The aim of this course is to make sure that you are lucky more often than you’re not!

  2. Well, I definitely have the “Part Luck” down pat! I am looking forward to this course to upgrade my “Part Skill” 😉

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