Loving Soft Light

Loving Soft Light

Moments That Matter: lesson 4: topic 2: soft light

Took these pics early in the morning at 7am, we’d had rain the night before so very soft morning light.
set iso at 200 but did wonder later if 400 would have been better for morning light. What do you think?

Image 1 – iso 200, ap 3.26, shutter 1/90
Pleased I caught catch lights on Genevieve’s eyes, soft and dreamy.
She’s pretty photogenic. Did crop some side distractions out, and looking now wonder if the pole in the background is distracting?

Image 2 – iso 200, ap 3.26, shutter 1/105
Actually prefer this photo over image one even though it doesn’t have catchlights
just seems to have something ‘more’ but can’t say what, do you see a difference?

Image 3 – iso 200, ap 3.26, shutter 1/34
The red made it pop, green bush blocked all unsightlies out, they were there just had to move myself and camera
though Genevieve is not in the thirds (nor in any of these pics) I still think it works

Image 4 – iso 200, ap 3.26, shutter 1/20
once again loved the colour of the oranges, though she is slightly blurred
moved to remove as much background distraction as I could
Genevieve is possibly slightly pale, shutter speed probably would have made a difference to that?

soft-light-5 soft-light-1 soft-light-2 soft-light-3

By Erin
Erin, married to my Prince Charming, mum of 10, wannabe photographer. Living on a property on the North Coast of NSW.


  1. I Like your title “Loving Soft Light”. SO do I. It’s absolutely my favourite kind of light. So some feedback: Firstly, yes you could have tried a higher ISO so you could get the shutter speed faster in a couple of them. Always good to experiment and try various ISO if you’re not sure.
    Image #1: It looks to me if your focus is very slightly out on this one. If you look at her fingers they seem sharper than her eyes. You can see the catchlights but they would have been better if her eyes were the sharpest part of the image. I don’t really find the pole too distracting as it’s so tiny. It would also be super easy to get rid of in Photoshop or some other photo editing system (last lesson).
    Image #2: I do like this one better as well. I think because it’s closer. And also because she looks more natural in this one. In the first she kind of looks like she knows she’s being photographed but in the second one she looks more relaxed – as if you’ve caught her unaware. There is a slight bit of shadow across her eyes from the brim of her cap which is why you are not getting catchlights.
    Image #3: Don’t get too caught up with the rule of thirds. You don’t have to always use it. I still think this one is nicely composed because there is a story in the flowers and the bush that adds to the image. Good work on removing the distractions by moving yourself 🙂 I also really like how you’ve cropped her (mid thigh).
    Image #4: Your shutter speed is 1/20 which is why you have blur. Genevieve probably moved a little bit. This is one where I would definitely have upped the ISO to get a more suitable shutter speed. It looks like her face is a tad overexposed which may be due to which exposure mode you used or where you took your exposure reading from. If you took your exposure from the darkest part of the image the camera would compensate by lightening the whole image (including Genevieve’s face). In this situation I’d be inclined to use Spot metering to get the exposure on her face correct.

  2. Robyn,
    1- Looking forward to learning how to ‘remove’ distractions like that
    2- Yes you’re right she is more natural, think it was one of the first I took. So caps off would be a good idea then?
    3- I found the where to crop sheet extremely helpful and printed it out and have by my desk
    4-Embarrassed to admit in trying to remember everything it wasn’t until reading your feedback I remembered I forgot spot metering!

  3. 2: I’ll always try cap off and cap on. Caps off causes less shadow but sometimes the cap is just cute 🙂 Digital is free so you can take 1 or 2 (or 20) images and delete the ones you don’t like.

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