8 week online workshop
lesson 1

I enjoyed this exercise because it was something that I have always struggled with. I struggled to find any images that I wanted to post, simply because my girls were not happy about being asked to stand still. I ended up choosing this image of a lizard in a tree. I settled on the Centre Weighted Average for this – there sun was behind the tree, and there was a little shade on the lizard, but not too much. I also wondered if he would be too small or too similarly coloured to the tree for Partial or Spot monitoring. Didn’t get a chance to try – my little girls were too excited about seeing a lizard and he hid 🙂 I think I will be working a lot more on this topic – I understand the theory behind it, but don’t feel that I am doing so well in the practical side of things.


Mum to 2 little girls. Live & work on a cattle station in Queensland. Have only been 'on the land' for the past 5 years - before that I was a Marketing Manger for a regional airline, then I met a grazier, fell in love, and moved away from it all :)


  1. Oh cute little lizard! When all else fails and I’m in a situation that I need to think quick, I always resort to what I know will get the picture take i.e. centre weighted average. I had no problems with picking him out of the tree. I may have struggled slightly if I didn’t know what I was looking for though. I just love how he’s just hanging out in his natural habitat!

  2. Hi Sarah, centre weighted metering was the right choice for this one because it’s pretty evenly lit. The little bit of bright sky between may have impacted a little but it didn’t seem to. Your exposure is good. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened with spot metering but I tend to think you may have achieved a similar result. I’d love to see your attempts at spot metering so feel free to come back to this topic and post more images when you can.

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