Lifestyle – Harder Than I Expected

Lifestyle – Harder Than I Expected

Moments That Matter: lesson 6: topic 2: think lifestyle

I was really excited about reaching the Lifestyle lesson eager to put into practice all I had learnt, and then I found problems. Mostly lighting is my issue, many of the children’s lifestyle activities either take place indoors or they are moving..a lot. Now I’ll sound like I’m making excuses but for the first time I’m really frustrated by not having a dslr. Shutter setting is pretty useless as I only have two options of iso, 400 & 800. Manual is actually also frustrationg, I found the best setting for light was aperture but I sacrificed on speed. So best bet was to get fast with the finger.
anyhow took hundreds and nearly nailed it with the first two but struggled with lighting, it was overcast but turned out much darker than I wanted

Image 1 – iso 400, shutter 1/550, ap 3.26
My dancing girl:) I struggled to catch her indoors so she kindly danced out of doors, struggled with the light but still love it as I caught the action, this girl loves to dance and makes me happy she has found her passion, only three terms ago

Image 2 – iso 200, shutter 1/220, ap 3.26
as the first image but I could watch her dance all day, so graceful

Image 3 – iso 800, shutter 1/20, ap 3.26
taken indoors, tracing is all the rage here at present. Love the soft light on his face, his concentration

Image 4 – iso 100, shutter 1/80, ap 3.26
Happy with light, caught the action. They cleared the sandpit and then proceeded to stamp out the ant infestation

lifestyle-1 lifestyle-1a lifestyle-2 lifestyle-3

By Erin
Erin, married to my Prince Charming, mum of 10, wannabe photographer. Living on a property on the North Coast of NSW.


  1. The first two are very underexposed – I think (guessing!) because you probably took your meter reading from the sky rather than on “your dancing girl”. However, as you say you’ve captured something very special and the emotional connection you have with it is far more important than the technicalities.
    The other two are also very special and will give you lovely memories for years to come., That’s what photography should be about.
    Well done.
    p.s. If you know someone with a DSLR perhaps you can ask to borrow it for a day or two. I think you’d love the extra flexibility it will give you. They are fairly inexpensive these days for a basic model and it may be worth the investment if you’re keen to get even better photos of your kids.

    • While I believe in trying wherever possible to get it right in camera, sometimes a not so great image can be saved (somewhat) with a bit of editing. You’ll get to that in the last lesson. But in the meantime, I just had a quick play in the free image editing online software PicMonkey to show what you can do with a few minutes to improve a photo you love. I just played with exposure and contrast. And while it isn’t great (it’s very hard to fix a badly underexposed image) it’s a bit better.
      dancing girl

      • ah yes, instantly see the difference. Pickmonkey here I come:)

    • ah the meter reading makes it all clear now why I couldn’t get what I wanted.
      great idea, our oldest has a dslr, I might well steal hers for the next month whilst she is home and then who knows..Christmas;)

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