Levi in action

Levi in action

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I like the composition and that I captured my son in action with his scooter, focusing more on him than the background. Not sure about the lighting.

My husband and I have three teenagers, 13 yrs to 18 yrs. We live in a country town in the Snowy Mountains. I am looking forward to improving my camera skills and challenging myself in photography.


  1. Hi Angela and welcome!!!
    What a great action shot. You’ve captured the sense of movement perfectly. The light looks like it was a bit harsh but this is the perfect type of shot to take when the light is like that. You’ll learn all about soft and hard light in later lessons.
    My only suggestion at this stage would be to crop out some of the top of the photo to make it more balanced. You could also crop behind him too so that you give him more space in front than behind. This gives a subject “room to move” in a photo. More on that coming up as well. If you’re not using a photo editing program (that allows you to crop) at the moment and want advice on which to get (there are paid and free ones), just let me know.
    Great job and I look forward to seeing lots more from you.

  2. Hi Robyn
    Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately I did not get the whole photo uploaded. I am missing the bottom third. Yes, I would like some advice on which photo editing program to purchase. I would look at both paid and free ones.

  3. Not sure what happened to the photo, but it’s fixed now.
    As far as photo editing try PicMonkey (free version) for now http://www.picmonkey.com
    That program will give you some great options for basic editing and it’s pretty easy to use.
    When you get further into the course you should check out Photoshop Elements (around $100) which will allow you to do a lot more. The last lesson is all about photo editing and that’s where a program like Photoshop Elements will allow you to take your good photos and make them even better.

  4. Thanks for that Robyn.

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