learning focus

learning focus

8 week online workshop
lesson 1
topic 4 focus

I choose to do this using a few flowers and 1 of the dogs in my garden I like the idea of changing focal point, would be great to use when wanting to focus on particular part of a image with out losing everything else in picture. I can see how camera shake is better controlled when camera is held close to you as you take the pic to esp when shutter speed is slowed, also when slowed if the dog in my case moves picture doesnt work lol but great lesson learnt.

IMG_9334 IMG_9314 IMG_9321 IMG_9324

Stay at home Mum of 4 and full time carer of our eldest who has Lissencephaly. Live in rural area and away from friends and family so need some hobbies to keep me sane so photography is it at the moment...


  1. I love it when I hear “lesson learnt” 🙂 Thanks for sharing the one with the dog – great example of motion blur. A little bit of feedback: I’d use a larger aperture (smaller number) on the yellow flower. The background is a little distracting and would be much better if it was blurred. Other than that good work on the focus topic.

  2. thanks for reminder of increasing aperture, I seem to get stuck on what Im meant to be doing and forget to sometime increase that in certain shots to

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