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A photo of my friends dog, Koko. I like the expression, I don’t like that part of the tail is missing.


  1. Awwww too cute. He’s definitely thinking “whatcha doing”. Nice work and I look forward to seeing lots more from you.

  2. I adore how the dog’s head is tilted….gives the photo character. 🙂

  3. That’s super cute. I don’t think it matters that his tail is missing, you’re so drawn to his expression so you don’t notice.

  4. Great depth of field. I love how the fur and part of the rug are so crisp and the background blurred. Great detail in the face and nice catch light in the eye. I also don’t think that it matters that the tail is missing. Having the image wider would really reduce the impact for me. Nice job.

  5. Love this dog! SO cute! I also don’t notice the tail missing.

  6. I agree, Koko’s adorable! I love that you caught the head tilted in that way. The clarity of the fur seems to show how soft it is. I’m sure your friend is happy to have such a nice photo of her dog.

  7. Wonderful photo – super cute dog and that head tilt seems to indicate the dogs character. If that was my dog I’d be framing it

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