jumping pup

jumping pup

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lesson 1

I struggled with this assignment. When reading the assignment I immediately thought of when my kids are playing on the swings or going down the slide, but unfortunately it is freezing by us right now and we haven’t been outside to play. I finally took these photos of my husband playing with our dog (at night- not ideal). My ISO was at 3200, 1/125s and F/3.2. My question is the first photo is clearly blurry, but I’m not sure if I was using the automatic auto focus incorrectly, or if my shutter speed was just too low. If it had been daytime I would have used a faster shutter speed, but I didn’t have enough light tonight. The second photo is even blurrier and the last one is clearer, I think because he was getting ready to jump and not moving as fast. Suggestions?

DSC_0748 DSC_0755 DSC_0756

My husband, John, and I have been blessed with two wonderful children. Ryan is 4 and Rebecca is 1 and they keep me very busy, but I love it. We live outside of Washington D.C. with our dog Cooper.


  1. Hi Ashley. Yes 1/125 is a little slow to stop the movement of a fast moving pup. You’d probably need at least 1/250 maybe even 1/500. And yes the last one is much sharper because you’ve captured him at a moment when he’s still and getting ready to move. I’d love you to try this activity again when you can get outside with more light. You’ll see a huge difference when you can bump that shutter speed up.
    Having said that though, I actually like the bit of blur on the first one. Sometimes blur is good to convey movement.
    He’s a cute dog too!

  2. I like the first photo the best even with the blur… I think the bits of blur make you feel the dog’s excitement and energy! -That’s a really fun picture!

  3. I agree Geri

  4. Lovely dog and the first picture is brilliant looks so excited like a good puppy should be x

  5. The first picture does portray the exuberance of a pup very well. I also love the third picture – he looks like a spring, ready to pop up!

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