Jack, Ruby & April

Jack, Ruby & April

I have quite a few photos that are so/so and I would really love to learn how to make them great. I think with a little bit of editing a lot of my photos can be cleaned up and look fantastic.

The main editing that my 6 images need are cleaning up of the backgrounds, fixing shadows on faces, airbrushing blemishes (food on face/bruises etc) and smoothing of backdrops etc.

Thank you!

DSC_0091_sm DSC_1405_sm DSC_2919_sm

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  1. Haha, love that you say removing background distractions is one of your main objectives. It’s a very common problem.. After a few marathon sessions with Photoshop trying to get rid of things in the background you’ll start to learn to look out for them before you click the shutter. It’s much easier to avoid them in the image than to try to take them out later.

    These are nice images of your kids and I look forward to seeing how you can make them pop a little after a Photoshop editing session.

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