8 week online workshop
lesson 4
Indoor light

Was thrown in the deep end a bit with the indoors and low light conundrum on the weekend when I was asked to photograph my niece’s baptism. Although the church has lots of windows they are all of a yellowish stained glass so the light inside the church is very diffused and, well, yellow. I did have to resort to the Speedlite for a couple of situations where they were in particularly shadowy parts of the church and I needed a faster shutter speed that I could get without it.
There was one good spot where there was a large clear-ish window behind and an open door to the side, which is where the first photo of Heather and her cousin was taken (ISO400 f/4 1/80) I took all the family group portraits here and they worked out pretty well.
Afterwards we had lunch in a stinking hot CWA hall with the only light coming form a couple of windows which clearly no one on the CWA committee thinks are worth cleaning and one open door at the other end. Thanks, people.
Super cute niece #1 of photo two was taken in front of this open door, with it behind her and to the right of the frame a bit (ISO200 f/1.8 1/50). It was super hot in there (the CWA doesn’t believe in climate control systems, either) so she’s all pink and damp haired and stuffing her face with custard from a vanilla slice and just adorable.
Photo #3 was when I decided well dang it, I’m just going to put the baby on the floor in the doorway and take some photos because that’s more important than people’s need to get in or out of this hothouse right now. The light from the door provided beautiful catchlights when I could get her to turn that way. Because I was doing this handheld (ISO200 f/1.8 1/60) and having to amuse her and take the photos they aren’t as sharp as they could be in more ideal situations (like a quiet studio with a tripod and an appropriately lit and elevated platform) but they still show her mega-cuteness. I really like the side lighting in this one. And the last photo (ISO200 f/1.8 1/200) just cracks me up. It’s so her. Her brother pulls the exact same face!
I’m reasonably happy with them but surely could have done better. I think this is one I will practice, practice, practice for a while.

Indoors-1 Indoors-3 Indoors Indoors-2

I live in the beautiful hills of Perth with my husband and three year old daughter. I have degrees in history and law but am staying home for a few years to raise my gorgeous little girl. I love creative pursuits, be it creative play with my three year old, sewing, or my new passion - photography. I've owned a DSLR for about 6 years but have only just started to really explore it's capabilities (and mine!).


  1. I think you did beautifully, especially for inside a church. Stained glass may look pretty, but it’s not very helpful for lighting. I’m glad you found a good spot for all the group photos. I’m still learning how to sort of “survey” the area to find the right light. The one of Heather and her cousin is adorable, but I think the last one has the most personality. What a great expression!

  2. They are all absolutely beautiful photos. Love them all they look so professional.

  3. I think these turned out awesome, especially considering the terrible lighting situation! Love that last photo haha!

  4. OMG I couldn’t stop giggling at that last one. It’s priceless!!!! Not to mention, perfectly exposed, well composed, with great depth of field, sharp eyes and catchlights. What more could you ask for?
    I like the light you’ve managed to find for all of these. It sounds like quite a challenge. I can relate having shot weddings in a past life – never again!
    I agree the third photo could have been a little sharper but I can totally understand why its not. Sometimes it’s more important to capture cuteness than sharpness.

  5. All really lovely images – they are well lit and the colours are beautiful (as your colours always are!). Seems beautiful big eyes run in the family.

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