In the pursuit of natural smiles…

In the pursuit of natural smiles…

Moments That Matter: lesson 6: topic 1: natural smiles

I took these pictures whilst the girls were playing on the swingset and trampoline, hence the odd green pole in the background. Very hard to avoid unfortunately.
Clare is tired – the bags under her eyes would attract excess baggage fees at the airport! :), but her smile is a very happy one. The other one is a moment of downtime on the trampoline.
Lou’s smile is me telling her not to smile – but was quickly followed by a very grumpy face because I was apparently being mean telling her not to smile! The moment is taken at the top of the slide, I think she was delaying sliding down to keep her sister waiting longer 🙂

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Mum to 2 little girls. Live & work on a cattle station in Queensland. Have only been 'on the land' for the past 5 years - before that I was a Marketing Manger for a regional airline, then I met a grazier, fell in love, and moved away from it all :)

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  1. It’s a matter of finding what works best with your girls. If the “don’t smile” ploy doesn’t work you’ll need to find other means. It usually doesn’t work more than a few times anyway! Kids are pretty smart and they figure it out 🙂 I think you’ve achieved lovely natural smiles and I love the one where Clare is having down time too. I’m a fan of the natural moments that often come between the smiles. My favourite is the last one of Lou. She looks like she’s thinking happy thoughts – even if it is “I’m making my sister wait” :).

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