In Motion and Still

In Motion and Still

8 week online workshop

lesson 1: topic 4: bye bye blur

The first image Sir N asked me to capture him mid air. This was so much harder than I anticipated.
Canon EOS 600D
1/500 sec
35 mm focal length
ISO 100
I probably should have raised the ISO to 200 for this.

In my second image I am disappointed with where the focus was. I actually think I didn’t hold the camera still enough in the low light.
Canon 600D
1/500 sec
ISO 100
Focal length 118 mm

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I'm a SAHM of three. I have been home educating for 15 years. Photography is a new hobby after being gifted a DSLR two years ago. Am wanting more control over my pictures so I don't have to take loads of photographs to get one good image.


  1. Hi Chareen, In the first one you did really well to capture that action. It might have been easier at a faster shutter speed. I’d probably try to use 1/1000 to capture that. Although 1/500 can do a pretty good job (as you have done). If you needed to raise your ISO to 200 to get a faster shutter speed that would have been OK. A good trick when you’re first learning to capture action is to put your camera on continuous shots so that the camera keeps shooting shot after shot as long as you hold the shutter down. That was you could capture him at all stages of the jump and select the best one. In the second one I’m pretty sure it wasn’t camera shake as you have a shutter speed of 1/500. I would expect camera shake if your shutter speed was 1/60 or slower. So there may be another reason for the focus not falling where you wanted it to. Focus does take practice so give it another go.

    • Hi Robyn.
      Sir N is a little sick at the moment when he is better I shall take him out and try again. 🙂 It’s good to be back in class

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