I”m awake!

I”m awake!

I’m re-uploading this picture of my sweet niece. I took this with my Canon 60D 50mm 1.8 lens. ISO is set at 100. I haven’t done any editing and I shot this in Raw+Jpeg


I am a mother of three boys. My oldest is 8 and my younger ones will be 6 and 4. We live in Tomball, Texas (US) which is a small city outside of Houston. Photographing my children has always been a passion of mine but I am ready to share my passion and take it to the next level!


  1. This is definitely better with a bigger resolution file. It’s still not as sharp as it could be and I think that’s because it’s slightly out of focus. The eyes are what make or break a photo like this. You can see that the eyes are a little bit soft.
    But having said that, the exposure and composition are spot on. It has the potential to be an absolutely stunning photo. I’d love to see you shoot it again (or something similar) some time and really nail the focus on the eyes.

  2. p.s. she’s beautiful 🙂

  3. Thank you!

  4. What a cute photo….I will have a baby to practise my photography on in 9 or so weeks!!!! 🙂

  5. So beautiful. So lovely that you can give her parents such lovely photos.

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