8 week online workshop
lesson 2
6 – histograms

I took these images when we were outside playing this morning. Clare was sitting at the bottom of the slide (the green you can see) and was looking at Louise playing off to the right of us. 1/100 f11 ISO 400. Histogram shows mostly mid tones, but on the far right in the light side there is a line going straight up of the chart. Louise on the slide is 1/100 f11 ISO 250 with a fairly consistent curve starting in the dark section across towards the light section, but this time have a much larger spike in the right hand side.
The third picture is Lou in the tree.. sun is over her right shoulder. This image has me hooked… I look at it a lot and am not sure if I like it because it feels a bit arty / ethereal, or if it is just badly exposed and I am fooling myself! Other people’s thoughts appreciated. 🙂

hist-clare-slide hist-Lou-slide hist-Lou-tree

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  1. Hi Sarah, those histograms sound just about right of the first two. The spikes on the right are from the bright sky. The first two are pretty well exposed. The last one is backlit which could have resulted in Louise’s face been underexposed. But because you’ve metered for her face the skin tones are well exposed and the sky is a little overexposed. That’s nearly always what happens with backlit images if you get the exposure correct for the skin tones. Often backlit images can have that slight haze (arty/ethereal look). This is probably not technically perfect but if you love it that’s absolutely all that matters. It’s the emotion it makes you feel that really count.

  2. These are all really lovely. I really like the second one of Louise on the slide. The colours are beautiful and it has that sleepy summer look to it. I always get those overexposed skies and backgrounds too, I think it’s much more important to get the subject properly exposed like you have, then it’s not too distracting.

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